Investing in gold coins


When considering gold coins, one question should come to mind is if this will be an investment or is this going to be a collection of coins. If collecting in coins then great, there are many coins with great designs and history that goes along with them. If time is on the table and holding on to gold coins for years to come then the collecting value will most likely go north with time and if gold prices continue to increase then it's a win-win situation. But if it's going to be for investment then buy bullion to protect against money losing value. There are premiums to be paid on gold coins so investing in them might not be the best way to go if thinking just on the price of gold.



Buy gold coins


After deciding on if this is an investment or a collection the next step is to buy gold coins. There are many dealers that will offer coins, also the U.S. government offers a great selection of coins and could be bought direct with no middlemen. Auctions such as eBay are also a great way to buy coins since the winning bid will be what people are willing to pay, so it's basically a market price. Before investing in gold coins make sure to find as much information as possible on what you are trying to buy. Being well informed will help when deciding the right coins, the right price, and staying away from scams. When the time comes to buy gold coins, take delivery as soon as possible and store coins with easy but secure access. Never know what will come tomorrow and with this kind of investment it's best to keep options open.

Sell gold coins


When the decision to sell coins comes into play it's very important to have knowledge for how, where and
when to sell. With coins there are a few factors such as weight, size, age, rarity, and condition of the coin.
If it comes time to sell and there is a degree of uncertainty about any of these factors then the best solution will be to have a coin dealer to look at the coins and to have an appraisal done. It's best to have more then one dealer into consideration and take a second opinion just so that a general value can be determined.


The internet is a great tool when it comes to sell gold, just like when a person decides to buy gold coins, auction sites like eBay can be great and having an appraisal done will most likely boost the auction price. Many gold dealers have websites, the problem is finding dealer that can be trusted. For this find how long the company has been in business, and if possible any references for the company.

Gold coin value


Finding how much a coin could be worth can be hard. All the factors that make up the price such as condition, weight, and karat go into account. If it's a collectable coin then even more factors are considered such as rarity, history, and age. Part of collecting gold coins is knowing all of these factors and knowing how each factor acts on the coins value. If the goal is just to invest then most likely the weight and the purity will be most important. In any circumstance like stated above going to a few dealer and having multiple opinions is the best way to find the gold coin value.