What are gold bullion coins?


The answer to this question is simple, it's both coins and bars. A very large number of people believe that it comes just in bars but this is not true. Bullion is defined as a identified

stamped and refined weight of a particular metal. Most people imagine that bullion is just large bricks but that's not all it is.


The bricks that most people imagine when thinking of what is gold bullion are 400 troy ounce in weight that are stamped with purity and weight on them. The fact is that bullion comes in different shapes and sizes, ranging from 1 ounce to a few kilograms. The most popular is gold bullion coins. These coins are sold across the world as investments and for collections.


Buying larger sizes of gold bullion is more efficient as far as storing and transportation but when it comes to selling smaller bars are much easier to liquidate than larger bars. The reason is that not to many people have over $200,000 just sitting around and waiting to buy that particular large size gold bullion bar.


With the U.S. debt continuing to grow at a rapid rate, and money being printed out to cover for the economy going south, it's common sense that any investor should keep a good size of a portfolio in gold. It's not a coincidence that gold prices are going through the roof.


People are becoming more and more aware that a dollar can't buy what it used to ten years ago. But what about a gold coin ten years ago and now? Think about it one small bullion coin could have bought 3 months of groceries twenty years ago. And now that same bullion coin could still buy that same amount of groceries even with inflation. Do you think the U.S. dollar do that? With $100 dollars back in 1990's anyone can walk out of a store with a cart full of groceries, now with that $100 dollars an average Joe will come out of that same store with two plastic bags that might not cover a week as far a grocery goes.


How to buy gold bullion bars


When ready to buy gold bullion, a few question come to mind. Where to and how to buy gold bullion bars? Many options are available to investors that want to invest in gold.


First is the internet, government websites are available and have different selections. Also there are countless of gold companies that will sell gold bullion the problem is finding which one is the best to deal with. Auctions like eBay are becoming popular for and great because they cut out the middle men and connect buyer and seller directly.


Buyer and seller beware of transactions that are not verified, there are many scam artist out there. The Better Business Bureau is a great resource to help avoid scams and find a reputable dealers and companies that will provide honest service.


Fun fact:

When thinking, what is gold bullion? and the size of bricks, the largest gold bar known to exist is made by Mitsubishi Materials Corp. and it's about 8,037 troy oz. that is the weight of about 3 average size people. At modern gold prices the value of that brick is over $13 million dollars.