Gold Jewelry


Jewelry has been a symbol of wealth throughout human history. Not so long ago jewelry was used as currency. Today it's mostly used to show fashion trends and to show wealth. Jewelry fashion changes with every season just like other fashion such as accessories and clothes.



-Designer Jewelry


In recent years it has become popular for gold jewelry to be designed by a particular and popular company and/or person. Designer jewelry might cost many times more than the metal that is used to create it, depending on if its in fashion at the time, who designed it, and the demand for the jewelry piece. A good example is a gold Rolex watch, this watch will have gold in it, but the value is not in the gold it's of the design and the company that made the watch.



-Antique Jewelry


History is very important and when it comes to jewelry the more history behind it the higher the value. Some "one of a kind" jewelry pieces might even be priceless, take for example a kings crown which will have a good portion of gold in it, but when considering the history of this type of jewel the value is in the history and not so much the weight.


How to test gold


Gold jewelry made in the united states will have a stamp of the purity of the gold that was used to make the jewelry. For jewelry that is not stamped or is not bought from a reliable source there is a need for a test to prove that the jewelry is made with gold.


There are a few ways to test gold, first is the chemical test with sulfuric or hydrochloric acid. Place the gold piece in small container, place a few drops of any of the two acids on the gold, if it starts to dissolve than the gold is not pure.


Other simple ways to test gold is with a magnet, gold is not attracted with magnets.

Porcelain tile or plate is the other simple way, stroke the jewelry across the porcelain if the streak shows as yellow that will point that its gold jewelry.


These test are just indicators, for a precise gold test buying a gold testing kit will give a more accurate result. The best option when not curtain if a piece of is real just take it to a jeweler and have the jeweler test it.