Sell scrap gold


Broken Rings laying around? Have a bracelet that is out of date and no longer in fashion? Money can be made from such items that are not being used and just collecting dust. To sell scrap gold anything goes as long as it has gold in it, even dental gold if you can believe it.


There are odd places to find scrap gold. The first place to look is around the house, check the jewelry box and pick out anything that has not been worn for a long time, chances are that it wouldn't be worn at all and its out of date. Next look at all the closets and drawers, old electronics parts and watches might have gold in it. Looking around the house and the garage people sometimes find long forgotten items that have great value.


Thrift shops are also places to look around for old items that people don't realize that gold was in them. Garage sales are the next potential stop when looking for scrap gold, you never know how much an old gold watch might be worth even if its broken. Find an old electronic circuit board and most likely it will have gold in it. The same goes for old cell phones and computer motherboards.


To sell scrap gold, any type of stone or decoration will have to be removed in order to get the weight reading for the actual gold. Then the purity will need to be determined and the price of what gold is going for will give you a ball park figure of the value the scarp gold. If any of the gold has a one of a kind piece then it might be worth going around a few jewelry stores to see if they will buy it for a higher price because of any unique craftsmanship. If the piece is in decent shape then the chances that jewelry stores will give a good offer is quite high. Following the price of gold is very important, if prices are going up then holding on to the scrap gold to sell at a higher price might be worth a little wait.


Online refiners might be the best bet to sell scrap gold to that has no worthy craftsmanship. Also TV advertisements with 1-800 numbers, cash for gold ads, and newspaper advertisements are other options to try to get the most money out scrap gold. There are refining kits for small investors to use for pulling gold out of computer and electronic parts. Don't sell gold with diamonds or any type of valuable stone, because refiners will not compensate for the stones, they will only pay for the gold weight and most likely keep the stones and sell of for a bigger profit.


Scrap gold can be found using a gold detector and can be a great profitable hobby. For people that live near a beach this is a great place to look, many people lose jewelry when on the beach from doing activities such as playing volley ball. Other places to look might include parks and playgrounds.